Lady Captains+ Totos


Toto Ride Captains

All Captains are vigorously vetted via multiple databases before joining our platform.

Stage I: Upload the following documents via the app

  • Passport Photo

  • ID /Passport 

  • Driving Licence


  • NHIF Number

  • Car License Plate Number

  • Car Photo

Stage II: Once the above is confirmed, you will be prompted to submit a valid Certificate of Good Conduct (less than a year old)


In App Safety Measures

  • Rider account is owned by parent(s)

  • Trip status share feature

  • Live tracking of ride

  • In app access to Captain's number

We created Toto Ride to be a kids' transportation solution for busy parents.


We found that parents faced challenges in getting their kids to school, and we faced those same challenges with our own kids.


Some of those challenges include:

  • Trying to get kids to different schools with different start times

  • Getting to work late on days when you had to drop your kids off at school

  • Getting kids to and from after-school activities

  • Getting stuck in Nairobi's notorious gridlock


When it comes to school transportation, you have a few different options, including school buses, vans, matatus or having your kids walk to school.


Those can all be great options, but they’re not for everyone.

Factors like early pick up times (5 am!!), van crowding and unroadworthy vehicles make existing options unfair and even dangerous to our kids. 


Additionally, if your child has to stay after school or get to school early for an event or activity, the bus schedule probably won’t accommodate that.


Most private schools have limited bus transportation or none at all.


Walking and biking provide kids with valuable physical activity and can be great options, but factors such as poor urban infrastructure, weather, your home’s distance from school and dangerous road conditions may make walking or biking impractical options for your family.

That’s where Caboda's Toto Ride comes in.



  • Your children no longer have to wake up at ungodly hours to go to school​

  • Research indicates that well rested children have better brain development

  • Safe transport (vetted captains, ride status tracking)

  • Comforable transport (no squeezing of children into vans or buses)

  • Quality cars (say goodbye to dilapidated vans)

  • Access to edutech on rides (Pilot stage)

Toto Ride Captains

  • ​All our Captains are female

  • We enable them to: 'drive towards equality', earn a fair income, escape poverty and become asset owners

  • The service is available in Nairobi, Eldoret and Mombasa

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